29 May 2014

زراعة حاويات ذات قوة عالية

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Leiyuan main plastic products is Green Roof System Material و Grass & Ground Reinforcement Products.

ثلاثي الأبعاد planting containers, the use of glass fiber reinforced ABS plastic, disposable injection molding. High strength, anti-aging, corrosion, deformation characteristics, unique design, it has a simple, flexible and diverse patterns. Can be combined into a cylindrical tower, pour vertebrae, Man Yao-shaped, a font and so on.


Widely used in wall greening, green poles, trees pool landscaping, plaza lighting, guardrail landscaping, villa wall, living area landscaping, festivals and so on.


High Pressure Strength, Strong Intensity,
Aging Resistance
Light Weight,
لا تشوه
منخفضة التكلفة
تركيب سهل
Flexible for Mounting
رعاية سهلة

Easy to be mounted into different shapes: Column, Tower, Cone, Waist Shape, etc.
مع ال drainage and storage system, the plant root will not rot, and stored water make plant grow without watering them everyday.It helps save the labour cost and resources


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